Greylander Press

Greylander Press knows you want more that what a traditional publishing house has to offer. Finishing your book is just the first step.

Mission Statement

Greylander Press was started by published authors for authors, so you can be confident that we know what you want in 2020.Our mission is to provide all inspiring authors with an opportunity to be published with a reputable publishing house. We will work with you to submit the best manuscript you have to offer.

Why publish with Greylander Press?

You submit the manuscript, we take care of everything needed to publish, market, and sell the book, and you enjoy higher royalties than our competitors.

Why self-publish through Greylander Press?

We have a team of published authors, researchers, and artists who will guide you through every step of publishing your book. You will publish under the Greylander Press logo, and get the support you need when the book is complete. We offer author webpages, audiobook, and a social media publicist to help you when your book is completed.


Greylander Press partners with PACE Setting Media to to help us develop a social media web presence. They will be available for our authors interested in marketing their book for a nominal fee. Visit them at: